Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Exercise Helps Overweight Kids Sleep Better

A study to be published in the November issue of Obesity found that exercise helps overweight children sleep better.

The study followed 100 children and divided them into three groups. One group exercised daily for 40 minutes, one group exercised daily for 20 minutes and one group did not exercise. Children in the groups that exercised experienced improved sleep patterns - including those that did not test positive for sleep disorders.

NetSweat.com Comments: Exercise has long been recommended to adults with sleep problems. This study shows that the benefit applies to children as well.

What is surprising, and likely to be unreported by the media is that 25% of overweight children may have sleep problems. Sleep problems in kids can lead to multiple problems including difficulty learning. Get your kids outdoors often - they'll like the attention and parents will burn some extra calories.

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