Monday, November 27, 2006

High Amount of Sodium in McDonald's Salads

McDonald's does a very good job of breaking down the nutritional content of its menu items and deserves kudos for doing so.

However, great transparency does not compensate for menu items that could be much more healthy. Case in point: McDonald's salads.

Adding grilled chicken to a McDonald's salad raises the sodium content by 710 mg or about 30% of the recommended daily intake. This does not include the additional sodium that is present in dressing, bacon bits or anything else you choose to add to your salad.

The low fat dressings offered by McDonald's aren't any better, each offering around the same level of sodium.

Ordering the Asian salad without chicken is a pretty healthy choice. As is the Bacon Ranch salad, though we would suggest not eating the bacon. If you eat McDonald's salads for lunch, our suggestion is to bring a bottle of low sodium dressing and skip the chicken.

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